Steve Bicknell, Founder, Owner, President

Steve Bicknell brings over three decades of experience in the travel and transport industry to his current position with WheelsAbroad. Born in England, Steve's career in the travel industry started in 1970 with Hoverlloyd - a car ferry operation between Ramsgate (UK) and Calais (FR). He undertook much of the early market, scheduling and pricing research for this unique service operated by giant hovercraft capable of carrying 30 cars and 250 passengers a trip.

He then took several marketing and business development roles with other travel companies, including scheduled and charter airlines, a cruise company and a tour operator. In 1976, he joined Hertz, at their European Head Office in London, where he moved through a series of roles leading to European Marketing Manager. In 1983, he transferred to Canada with Hertz where he took on the roll of Director, Sales and Marketing, responsible for most of Hertz Canada's commercial functions including their call centre, pricing strategy, advertising and product development.

From 1990 to 1996, Steve ran his own consulting business, specializing in travel and fleet management. In addition to working on assignment with many of the larger car rental brands, he was involved in a major study commissioned by six Canadian, Federal Government Departments, to review and analyze their methods of fleet acquisition, operation and disposal. The study recommended many cost reduction strategies which are just now being implemented by the Ontario Government.

Steve returned to car rental in 1996 as Vice President, Sales and Marketing with Thrifty Canada, where he introduced a number of new business strategies and initiatives. He left Thrifty early in 2001 to focus full time on developing WheelsAbroad.